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Play and Collect Points to earn Money

You can easily earn points by playing quiz and refer friends, all quizes can be take unlimited times and no limitation.

About UTOK.ph

Quiz Mobile Application

U T O K (Unknown Type of Knowledge) - Utok is a waray-waray word which means "brain", U T O K was created early in February 2020 to help you learn and earn without spending any amount of money, where you will get paid for each minute spent playing. In the end, your time is gold! And U T O K looks forward to rewarding you just for participating in the game.

(₱ 1.00 = 3500 Points) Exchange Rate
  • Referral System

    Every refer friends you will earn 100 points and you can use your referal code unlimited times.

  • Free Membership

    You can easy create your account by creating it thru email or Facebook and Google social logins.

  • Low Min Payouts

    You can request minimun payout at ₱50.00 only up to 24-48hrs processing time on every 9th and 24th day of the month.

  • Hassle Free

    We offer easy and hassle free cashout thru "Paymaya, Coins.ph, GCash and Mobile Loads (all networks)"

Download our app and Play

Be ready. Be smart. Be noticed!

Sharpen your Mind. Give each question your best shot. Some question are easy, but others will take some thinking.

More Features

Amazing Features

Enjoy playing and using UTOK Quiz App with our current feature and many more to come.


Scoreboard showing the names and current scores of the leading/top points earner player.

Exciting Game

Four level of dificulties (Easy, Moderate, Hard, Expert).

Time Limit

You are only allowed to answer every questions for 60secs.

Life Saving Options

You can choose two options to remove 2 incorrect answers.









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